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Beccy Bloomfield

Beccy is a multidisciplinary, site responsive artist based in Sussex.​

By combining, printmaking, frottage, (rubbing), painting, sculpture and installation, she contemplates themes of identity, sense of place and memory. ​

Her practice is primarily process led, and her starting point is increasingly frottage. This very physical, intermate activity immediately gives unique visual information, whilst also revealing a trace of past existence, somehow transferring invisible memories into a visible form.​

She believes that places and object hold experience, which shape their physicality. The events they have borne witness to, in turn, have affected their presence. ​

Exploring through materials, Beccy seeks to gain a deeper understanding of her environment,​

She is constantly trying to make sense of the 'blurred horizons' that 'in between place' which you feel is there but can't quite put into words. That perceived place is individual, so her work is personal, but also provides a space for the viewer's own thoughts.​

As Beccy’s investigations take her further into that liminal space, she describes her work as ‘the visualisation of another sense.’

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